jeudi 20 avril 2017


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Thursday, April 20th Tad Cummins is UNDER ARREST, and Elizabeth Thomas has been safely recovered in Northern California. More details are expected to be released soon. Cummins, 50, fled with Elizabeth, his student, from their small town of Culleoka, Tennessee, on March 13th. Authorities released surveillance video from March 15th that showed the pair at a Walmart in Oklahoma City. But then the trail went cold. The two disappeared a few weeks after a student reported seeing Cummins and Elizabeth kissing in a classroom. Cummins faces charges of sexual contact with a minor and aggravated kidnapping, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said. He was added to the state’s Most Wanted list.
le prof s'était apparemment enfuit avec son élève de 15 ans le 13 mars dernier. les deux étaient recherchés et une alerte Amber déclenchée. ils viennent d'être retrouvés et l'homme a été arrêté.
(période critique septennale des 49 ans - 13 mars est jour neutre - *1/07/1966)
(jeune fille en P7 le 13 mars - *17/05/2001)

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